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Nashville’s Newest Rising Star STEPHANIE QUAYLE Releases New Single “Sugar High”

 “Sugar High” Written by Three of Nashville’s Biggest Hit Songwriters Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace and Steve McEwan

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising singer/songwriter and Rebel Engine recording artist Stephanie Quayle has released her new single “Sugar High” to radio and will hit the road to visit stations and fans across the country to promote it. “Sugar High,” the perfect spring time song filled with love, fields of green, sweet red wine and stars above, is the debut single from her upcoming EP to be released later this year. “Sugar High” showcases Stephanie’s unique and inviting vocal strength. The ‘sweet tale of love’ song was produced by Grammy-winning Ilya Toshinskey and written by three of Nashville’s most revered and biggest hit songwriters Ashley Gorley (Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl,” Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party”) Kelley Lovelace (Brad Paisley’s “He Didn’t Have To Be,” “Ticks”) and Steve McEwan (Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime,” Keith Urban’s “Only You Can Love Me This Way”).

Stephanie seems to turn every encounter into a meaningful moment. Her friendship with Kelley Lovelace, one of the most successful songwriters in music having 15 #1 songs, came from a chance encounter with a man named John at a dive bar she was performing at in Los Angeles. John told her she belonged in Nashville. Shortly after moving to Nashville, John introduced her to Lovelace. After developing a friendship and trust, Stephanie built enough courage to ask him if he would let her record one of his songs. And they found ‘her’ song “Sugar High.”

The award-winning songwriters feel their song has found it’s home with Stephanie. “As writers, we hold on to the hope that our favorite songs will someday find a home,” says Lovelace. “Well, this is one of those times where hope became reality. Stephanie Quayle is the perfect artist for ‘Sugar High!’ In fact, she delivers it so well it’s as if she wrote it with me and my co-writers, Ashley Gorley and Steve McEwan. We might have given the song birth, but Stephanie gave it life.”

To listen to “Sugar High” click HERE. To watch the official lyric video for “Sugar High” click HERE.

Born and raised on a farm in Bozeman, Montana, Stephanie Quayle made the move from the Big Sky in 2011 and now proudly calls Music City her home. Her active fan base of over 35,000 fans led her to perform at both the 2012 and 2013 CMA Music Festival. A vibrant new face on the scene, Stephanie has already logged an impressive performance portfolio including multiple appearances at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, US Navy’s Fleet Week and a personal invitation from Maria Shriver to perform before an audience of thousands at Shriver’s National Women’s Conference.

In 2013, the Montana singer/songwriter released a critically-acclaimed EP, Stand Back which featured 6 songs which were all co-written and co-produced by Stephanie. Showcasing her powerful vocals through catchy melodies, her songs and shows deliver a memorable punch that is resonating with country music fans across the nation.

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