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Southern California Duo PawnShop kings Celebrate Release of PSk EP at Nashville’s Music City Tippler Thursday Feb 27

PawnShop kings Offer Free Download of Two Self-Penned Songs “Make Me Whole” and “Love Like Jesus” Through NOISETRADE

NASHVILLE, TN – FEBRUARY 25, 2014 – Southern California duo PawnShop kings just released their five song EP Pawn Shop kings (PSk) on Sony Music/Essential Records. The brothers will celebrate with a special show at Nashville’s Music City Tippler on Thursday,
Feb 27 at 5:30 pm.

Brothers Scott and Joel Owen, native Californians with deep family roots in the south, formed PawnShop kings after years of playing music together. The five song EP is packed with the southern, soulful and Americana sounds that have influenced them. Their unique blend was perfected and developed with two of the industry’s most respected producers Phil Madeira (The Civil Wars, Emmylou Harris) and Lynn Nichols (Mat Kearney, MuteMath).

The Sony ATV Publishing songwriting duo has already been receiving great reviews for PSk EP. Shutter16 Magazine says of PSk EP, “incredibly powerful statement that should easily garner them well earned widespread attention and acclaim” and “PSk is an all too short trip through the brothers’ brilliant blend of rock, pop, and soul/gospel/blues sound.”

As songwriters/artists/musicians, Scott and Joel write about “Love, Life, God, Pain, Hope…. the subjects most often sung about by our heroes…each find their way into the things we write and speak into.”

For a sampling of PawnShop kings music and style click HERE to watch the lyric videos for the songs on the PSk EP


Gonna Let You
Fall Apart
Love Like Jesus
When You’re Holding Me
Make Me Whole

PawnShop kings are offering a free download of two self-penned songs “Make Me Whole” – coined by one outlet as “the rock-n-roll center of this album” (along with “Fall Apart”) and “Love Like Jesus.” To share the “Make Me Whole” lyric video click HERE and the “Love Like Jesus” lyric video click HERE. To share/link to the free downloads of “Make Me Whole” and “Love Like Jesus” go to

Scott and Joel Owen have played music together “forever” but it was making the move to Los Angeles that really developed their working relationship. They knew being brothers would shine a light

on layers of their history and the baggage that comes with family dynamics. At the same time they realized it was crucial if they wanted to make their musical partnership work. So they forced the living situation of getting up every morning, staring at each other, sharing a bathroom and forced engagement regardless of the circumstance. They spent a lot of time reading, writing and listening to music and learned how to bring out the strengths in each other to maximize their collective creativity. It was a definitive time for both and helped shape their vision as artists. PawnShop kings was born.

The brothers grew up on the coast of California which they say “has been extremely influential in shaping our reality. We grew up on the coast, and feel that nothing on earth in more grounding and inspiring than the ocean.” However Scott says, “the relationships and experiences from the years spent with our extended family in the South (Arkansas) have made the greatest impact.” He continues, “Everything I am is affected by those experiences. To this day, I can smell the air at my grandfather’s lake plantation outside West Memphis, Arkansas. I can feel the water, warm on the surface and cool five inches below. I can hear the crickets, tree frogs and the voices of the people. I can smell the soil and taste of the food. I can see the roads, the bridge, the general store… Our music, relationships, desires, and the way we see the world and treat people all centers around the learning done in this environment.”

“The further along we go, the more apparent the impact becomes of those times and experiences in everyday life. Our writing and music is the crossing of these worlds, the West Coast and the American South, one no less vital than the other.”

Scott and Joel’s musical influences are reminiscent and deeply ingrained in the sounds of their music. Collectively they are influenced by The Beatles, Bob Marley, Staples Singers and Stevie Wonder. Older brother Scott is a huge fan of California Folk Rock: CSNY, Jackson Browne and the Eagles. As well as acts like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Allman Brothers, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Cat Stevens. Joel adds in his influences of being a fan of Run D.M.C, the Beastie Boys as well as instrumental music like Groove Armada, Pleg and Copy as well as British bands Oasis and Radiohead.

With the influences of growing up and living in Southern California, being deeply impacted and influenced by their memories of time spent at their grandfather’s lake plantation in Arkansas and coupled with their variety of musical influences is where the unique and blended sound of PawnShop kings was born and raised.

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